Physical Mental Emotional Wellness Plan

The PME Wellness Plan

In the field of healthcare, we're doing everything backwards. First, we never teach people how to care for themselves physically, mentally, or emotionally. Naturally, people run into trouble due to lack of knowledge. Then, the “healthcare” system tries with heroic effort to bring people back to health – but using the wrong methods – exotic and expensive drugs or surgeries that never truly heal us. Instead of the ounce of prevention, we get the expensive pound of “cure.”
This might be a good definition for insanity, but it's also the best way to make a lot of money for the healthcare industry. Never teach people how to care for themselves, then charge them a fortune – but never actually heal them. Keep them on expensive drugs, even multiple drugs, forever if possible. It’s great for business. It accounts for nearly 20% of America’s GNP (and growing). But it’s catastrophic for people, and terrible for society as a whole. Everything spent on healthcare should actually be deducted from the GNP, not added.
Even today's wellness plans never address mental and emotional health. They are mostly fitness plans, a far cry from the actual need.
In ancient times, healthcare was not a business. It was an integral part of the society. In every village, there was someone – a shaman, a medicine man, an herbalist, a yogi, a siddha, a healer – someone who knew the art of how to care for people, who understood natural ways to keep people healthy and happy.
Everyone in the culture understood that if this person had to work in the fields all day, he wouldn't be available to help people. So they made sure that his needs were taken care of. He would receive part of the harvest, villagers would bring meals for him to eat. Clothing would be provided. And everyone helped each other build their houses. The motivation for the healer was simple. If he didn't keep everyone healthy, he would lose his own life support, because the villagers couldn't work in the fields, or weave cloth, or do any of the things he needed for his survival. Also, out of his compassion, he wanted to keep people healthy.
In today's “healthcare” system, the sicker people are, the more money the system makes. It's a horrible way to run a healthcare system. The motivation is entirely wrong.
Although our society is more complex, I suggest we return to the ancient system. We can do a similar thing today. We can focus on the ounce of prevention and genuine healing knowledge.
My goal is to help you stay healthy and happy and empower you to be the healer for your family, perhaps even your neighborhood. To do that, I suggest that you join our Physical, Mental, and Emotional Wellness Plan, the PME Wellness Plan.
For a modest monthly support, similar to the support in ancient times, you and your family will be kept healthy through our system of wellness support. Whenever you have a problem or a question, you can contact us and we will call or email you with a solution to your problems whether they are physical, mental, or emotional. We will also endeavor to prevent problems to begin with. It’s in our interest.
This approach is FAR better than insurance, it’s preventative, proactive insurance that makes problems not happen in the first place. We want to be your go-to source to prevent problems and make your life run smoothly – for a tiny fraction of the cost of insurance. Ultimately, the world's healing traditions will be scoured for the best solutions to humanity's problems and a system will be built to address the needs of millions or billions of people.

How It Works

A monthly premium allows you unlimited support for your family to get answers to questions and quick solutions to your problems. Oftentimes, you don’t really need an hour-long PME healthcare session, you just need to know what to do and why it’s valuable. A few minutes of conversation, or a knowledge-email, could save you hours or weeks of problems. These are not prescriptions or medical advice. This is knowledge to prevent or resolve problems that you may want to consider and research on your own to choose your own pathway to health.

Cost of the PME Wellness Plan

The suggested subscription for the PME Wellness Plan is 2% of your monthly income. You decide how much your family's monthly income is, or what you can pay. A minimum is $25/month, maximum is $200/month. I’ve never believed that healthcare should be a business. I think if enough people chip in, we can build a support system that can take care of people to keep them healthy. To do that, I need the freedom and resources to lead a team to create knowledge bases, videos, and other resources to solve our physical, mental, and emotional problems.
The basis for this plan at this point in time is the Extraordinary Healthcare book. The book is a great start, but we know from experience that people want more. People want somewhere to turn when they have questions. This is the plan for those people. In the future, all the best knowledge from ancient civilizations, along with new regenerative scientific advances, will be offered as solutions to the problems we are experiencing now.

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After subscribing, whenever you need help, contacts us through the contact form or call or text through the numbers that we will provide to you.