Miracles Still Happen

Because of the work I do, I experience minor miracles almost every day. This is a story about a miraculous healing experience.

I was working with a 12-year-old girl and her mother. The child has cerebral palsy, and that presents some challenges in her life. One of the challenges is the ability to walk normally. She lives in Canada, and I live in North Carolina and I work from home, using distance bio-energy healing. We meet over Skype or other two-way video so that we can see each other, and so I can monitor the healing experience.

Aligning the Body

The first thing I generally do is restore the structural integrity of the body. I start with the cranial system, then the spine, and finally the hips. Her cranial system was substantially out of alignment. The occipital bone at the base of the skull was uneven, which her mother could clearly see by measuring.

I taught her mother the bio-energy healing system from chapter 9 in my book so that we could work together. After about five minutes of bio-energy healing, her daughter’s cranial system was perfectly aligned. Her spine was also okay after the initial healing work, but her hips were very misaligned, about an inch or more, high on the right. With a little practice, it's easy to measure these things. Again, I worked with her mother to infuse bio energy into her daughter’s hip region. In less than five minutes her hips were perfectly aligned. This kind of alignment with bio energy, is unique. It could take months to make these kinds of corrections with Chiropractic.

Your Body Wants to Heal

These adjustments, while profound, generally happen quite rapidly with bio-energy healing. The body really likes to heal these kinds of misalignments. Next we checked the length of her legs. Many people report that their legs are not the same length, which is almost never the case. It's almost always a case of the hips being misaligned, which makes it seem like the legs are different lengths. 

However, in this case, we measured the length of the child's legs from hip to knee, and from knee to the heel of the foot. The thighbone on one leg was an inch longer, and the shinbone was also an inch longer, making one leg 2 inches longer than the other. There is no way to know whether one leg is 2 inches longer, or the other leg is 2 inches shorter than it should be. So we worked on both legs.

The Miracle Healing

For about 45 minutes, we streamed bio-energy into each thighbone and each shinbone. At the end of the healing session, we measured again. This time both legs were exactly the same. Either the long leg shortened by 2 inches, or the short leg lengthened by 2 inches, or they both changed to match. In any case, both legs were perfectly normal and were the same length.

This is the second time I have seen the length of a leg change miraculously in such a short time. Several years ago, during a workshop, a leg I was working on lengthened three quarters of an inch. it's nice to see that miracles still happen.

Learning to Walk Again

With such a massive change in body structure, it will take a little time for the child to get used to walking with normal legs. For years perhaps, she has had to compensate for the structural misalignment. She will need to undo past habits and develop new habits of walking and eventually, we hope she will be able to walk perfectly normally. Not only did her structural alignment need to be corrected, but her nervous system needs repair also. We are working on that now.