Frequently Asked Questions

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The first question that usually arises is:

Q) How can Extraordinary Healthcare work so well when the medical profession has so much trouble curing all these deadly diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and so forth. It seems utterly impossible that people can reverse such killer diseases using natural methods. Also, how can it reverse different kinds of physical diseases using the same methods? ...and it also tackles mental and emotional problems? I don't see how it can do all that! I am skeptical.

A) The medical system is based upon only two approaches to health, both of which are dangerous -- 1) putting exotic chemistry into the body with pills and injections, and 2) using surgery to remove bad tissues. These two approaches are both dangerous and degenerative in nature. Extraordinary Healthcare is based on completely different principles. Instead of chemicals and surgery, we change the environment of the body 1) physically, 2) bio-energetically, 3) mentally, 4) emotionally, and 5) consciously. This approach strengthens your immune system, your inner environment, to restore health from within. Changing the inner environment is easier and more powerful. The book teaches how to make regenerative, life supporting choices on all levels.

No single method could ever bring about such dramatic healing. It is the combination, the synergy, of many regenerative choices that empowers your body, mind, and heart to heal from within. Oftentimes this synergy produces immediate results, at other times, it can take a few weeks or months to completely rebuild new healthy tissues. It just depends upon how fast regeneration can take place in your body. Longstanding issues sometimes take a little longer, but the important thing is that they are truly and deeply healed by the body's restorative abilities, not just hidden under a mask of palliative drugs.

Your body has amazing intelligence. It knows more chemistry than any chemist. It knows surgery at the cellular level, something no doctor can do. It knows how to create new tissues. In short, your body, mind, and heart all know how to heal you. Plus, your system wants to heal. The problem has always been that degenerative forces destroy and degrade the immune system and prevent us from healing. All we have to do is boost regenerative forces and remove degenerative forces on all 5 levels. We empower ourselves to heal from within by changing our inner environment. Extraordinary Healthcare does not and cannot make any claims to heal anything. It is your own body, mind, and heart that do all the healing. All you have to do is learn to empower your body, mind, and heart with the right environment. Then you create Extraordinary Healthcare.