Appointments are by telephone or two-way video conferencing.
If you're unsure about making an appointment, just call or email. Let's talk about your needs.

I would be happy to talk with you for a few minutes to explore how I can help you. Call during normal hours (10-5 Eastern USA): (336) 644-1111. If I'm available, I'll talk with you right away, otherwise, please leave a message and I'll get right back to you.

Appointment are easily arranged. Please be aware that when you make an appointment, it's a real appointment, just as if you were meeting your best friend, a VIP from work, or a doctor. Not showing up or canceling at the last minute is not a good thing. If you were to set aside your time to meet with someone and they don't show up, or cancel when it's too late to change your plans, you have lost valuable time, and you would not be happy. I will be setting aside time for you and reviewing ways to help you. I may be cancelling other appointments to keep your appointment. For this reason, if you miss appointments or cancel less than 24 hours prior to the appointment, you will still be charged for the appointment. In fact, although your appointment is scheduled, it is not confirmed until it is paid for in advance, which must be at least 24-48 hours in advance. It's best to make a payment when you make the appointment to avoid losing it.

I strongly suggest that you have some kind of reminder or calendar system to remind you of your committments. Such a system is also useful for keeping you on track for your health practices, so it makes good sense to get organized. On Apple devices, iCal works well. On PC's Outlook is a good option. If you use a paper calendar, just review it every evening for tomorrow's commitments.

Telephone or Video Conferencing:
One-on-one appointments are held face-to-face, just like you are in my office, using Skype or VSee.
Call during normal hours (10-5 Eastern USA): (336) 644-1111
The two-way video conferencing system I prefer to use is VSEE, it's free.
Download at – Skype is also an option, though it has fewer features.

You can also just make an audio call with VSee or Skype if your bandwidth is limited or we don't need video. It's a free call, so you don't use up mobile phone minutes if you're on WiFi or you have an unlimited data plan.
On VSEE, connect to Sarvasri(@ sign)
On Skype, connect to srisarvasri 

Video Log In:
On VSee, use your email and password that you signed up with to log in, (as usual with any provider).
Click the + to enter my contact info:  Sarvasri(@ sign)
In VSee preferences, Select: General Tab > Automatically Accept Calls From: Check All Users
  (you can change it back later to be more restrictive, this lets me call you if needed)
Skype log in is pretty straight forward.
On both systems, check to see that your computer setup is working properly. 

You can be on both a telephone and video if needed during setup.
You can also do telephone-only appointments (please send a photo).
Video is best so that we can both hear and see.

Appointment Fees (prepaid in advance):
$75 for 1 hour, $40 for 1/2 hour, $25 for 15 minutes (a lot can happen in 15-30 minutes!)

If you don't have your own computer (you use a friend's computer or library computer to communicate), and want to use a telephone for appointments, please send a photo of yourself before the appointment (make a note).
If you have a modern computer with a video webcam, the VSEE connection is best. Then we can see each other just like you are in my office. If you don't have a modern computer with a webcam, you can add one. (Logictech HD Pro C270 is a good cheapie one). It comes with or without a headset for about $15-20 - Search We can certainly work by telephone, but it's much nicer to meet face to face.

Click below to make donations, pay appointment fees, or for attending any programs. This form of payment is even more secure than purchases in retail stores. No one handles your payment slips and ultra-high-level encryption is used. If you like, you can also send a check to our address in the Contact tab.

Enter a donation amount for yourself, or a donation to support others, an appointment fee for scheduled appointments, or program fee. Your charges will appear to ACLS, our parent organization. Enter the amount and the number of participants or sessions.


Once again, I suggest that everyone have some kind of reminder system, on your phone, tablet, or computer to remind you of your appointments well in advance. You'll need a good reminder system for your healing schedule anyway.