About the Author


Sarvasri is an internationally recognized researcher, author, educator, healer, and dynamic speaker dedicated to reinventing healthcare worldwide through a non-medical approach. He is the author of the book “Extraordinary Healthcare,” and developer and founder of the Extraordinary Healthcare™ Program. Sarvasri is one of the few researchers offering low-cost, no-cost natural solutions for physical, mental, and emotional health – for the whole person. Conventional healthcare today has clearly failed to provide successful outcomes. In America, over 80% of adults are on prescription drugs, with 20% on psychiatric drugs. Epidemic levels of obesity, degenerative disease, stress, and drug use clearly shows we are losing our physical, mental, and emotional health.
With over 52 years of practice and research, Sarvasri brings a wealth of knowledge to the art of natural healthcare. He studied ancient healing methods with master teachers in Europe, India, and the United States and works with methods of healing not commonly available. He was personally trained by such luminaries as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Sri Ramamurti Mishra, M.D. (former neurosurgeon and psychiatrist, author of “The Textbook of Yoga Psychology”), and many other healers and awakened teachers throughout the East and West. Practically oriented, he has taken the ancient methods, current scientific advances, and traditional wisdom of the world’s healing traditions and made them easily accessible for today’s busy lifestyle.
Sarvasri is best known for his success with bio-energy healing, having reversed longstanding scoliosis in only one hour. Many painful conditions have been healed in minutes, even seconds through bio-energy, which nourishes and heals very rapidly. He integrates natural nutrition with methods from ayurveda, yoga, vedanta, bio-energy healing, as well as recent discoveries in the healing sciences. He believes the future of healthcare will combine physical, bio-energetic, mental, emotional, and universally-accepted spiritual dimensions. This comprehensive approach addresses the true causation of illness, and empowers the body to heal itself.
In 2001, Sarvasri founded the Ananda Center for Life and Spirit, a spiritual community-focused organization dedicated to teaching natural low-cost, no-cost healthcare. Recently, he founded the Idyllic Communities Project, a project to reduce crime, violence, and terrorism worldwide. He believes – with research to back it up – that violence is a mental-emotional defect with treatable nutritional causes, similar to the deficiencies that cause many birth defects. Complete elemental nutrition balances brain chemistry and dramatically improves behavior. Likewise, other causes of violence such as destructive environments, mental and emotional stress are also treatable through the methods of yoga-vedanta. To date, virtually no solutions for terrorism have been advanced. This approach to crime, violence, and terrorism deserves immediate review and application. Sarvasri is one of only a few researchers offering a comprehensive solution to the problems of crime, violence, and terrorism that plague civilization worldwide.
The ACLS approach to healthcare does not involve the sale of products. This keeps us unbiased and neutral. “My motivation is to empower people to heal themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally through natural low-cost, no-cost methods that are easy to learn and simple to apply.” It’s a common sense approach, and everything Sarvasri teaches, he practices. Using these methods, thousands of people have reversed virtually every major disease, chronic condition, and a host of mental-emotional health issues.
Sarvasri offers a compassionate approach to healthcare without exorbitant costs, bringing a solution to the extreme expense of healthcare today. He is dedicated to a new worldwide renaissance in health, culture, peace, and awakened consciousness.
Sarvasri is available for speaking at conferences and organizations, and for consulting with governments. He embraces technology and conducts personal training through one-to-one or one-to many video conferencing, essentially, two-way video house calls. He also conducts workshops for businesses and organizations worldwide. 
With a scientific background in Engineering Physics (degree from LSU), Sarvasri is also interested in sustainable community development through low-cost, natural, architecture. Hobbies include writing, photography, videography, gardening, music (several instruments), and the history of civilizations. He is married and lives with his wife, Sadaajit, in North Carolina.

Sarvasri lives what he teaches. Except in the case of injury, he has not needed to see a doctor for over 50 years. At 77 years old, he still retains the flexibility of a child.