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Introducing the new book, Extraordinary Healthcare.Book Cover

The purpose of this book in to reinvent the field of healthcare and reduce human suffering by at least 90%. It goes to the root causes of our physical, mental, and emotional problems and provides practical answers, methods, and solutions that you can put to immediate use. It takes a totally natural, regenerative, and powerful approach.

If you have suffered from anxiety, anger, fear, addiction, depression, mental stress, lack of mental clarity, physical pain, tiredness, or even a degenerative disease like cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, this book is for you. If you are not yet living an inner state of peace, joy, enthusiasm, and vitality for life, this book is for you.

Everyone knows that healthcare worldwide is declining in spite of all the latested technology. This book explains why this is happening and what you can do about it in practical ways. You are not powerless in the face of numerous threats to health. Armed with the right knowledge, you can take charge of your health and create an extraordinary state of health regardless of age.

Sarvasri spent over 45 years researching the world's health traditions to find the most effective, simple, and low-cost methods to awaken the body's own healing powers. Now you can put these methods to use, without years of study, to create a beautiful life.

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Miracles Still Happen

Because of the work I do, I experience minor miracles almost every day. This is a story about a miraculous healing experience.

I was working with a 12-year-old girl and her mother. The child has cerebral palsy, and that presents some challenges in her life. One of the challenges is the ability to walk normally. She lives in Canada, and I live in North Carolina and I work from home, using distance bio-energy healing. We meet over Skype or other two-way video so that we can see each other, and so I can monitor the healing experience.

Aligning the Body

The first thing I generally do is restore the structural integrity of the body. I start with the cranial system, then the spine, and finally the hips. Her cranial system was substantially out of alignment. The occipital bone at the base of the skull was uneven, which her mother could clearly see by measuring.

I taught her mother the bio-energy healing system from chapter 9 in my book so that we could work together. After about five minutes of bio-energy healing, her daughter’s cranial system was perfectly aligned. Her spine was also okay after the initial healing work, but her hips were very misaligned, about an inch or more, high on the right. With a little practice, it's easy to measure these things. Again, I worked with her mother to infuse bio energy into her daughter’s hip region. In less than five minutes her hips were perfectly aligned. This kind of alignment with bio energy, is unique. It could take months to make these kinds of corrections with Chiropractic.

Your Body Wants to Heal

These adjustments, while profound, generally happen quite rapidly with bio-energy healing. The body really likes to heal these kinds of misalignments. Next we checked the length of her legs. Many people report that their legs are not the same length, which is almost never the case. It's almost always a case of the hips being misaligned, which makes it seem like the legs are different lengths. 

However, in this case, we measured the length of the child's legs from hip to knee, and from knee to the heel of the foot. The thighbone on one leg was an inch longer, and the shinbone was also an inch longer, making one leg 2 inches longer than the other. There is no way to know whether one leg is 2 inches longer, or the other leg is 2 inches shorter than it should be. So we worked on both legs.

The Miracle Healing

For about 45 minutes, we streamed bio-energy into each thighbone and each shinbone. At the end of the healing session, we measured again. This time both legs were exactly the same. Either the long leg shortened by 2 inches, or the short leg lengthened by 2 inches, or they both changed to match. In any case, both legs were perfectly normal and were the same length.

This is the second time I have seen the length of a leg change miraculously in such a short time. Several years ago, during a workshop, a leg I was working on lengthened three quarters of an inch. it's nice to see that miracles still happen.

Learning to Walk Again

With such a massive change in body structure, it will take a little time for the child to get used to walking with normal legs. For years perhaps, she has had to compensate for the structural misalignment. She will need to undo past habits and develop new habits of walking and eventually, we hope she will be able to walk perfectly normally. Not only did her structural alignment need to be corrected, but her nervous system needs repair also. We are working on that now.



Could GMO's Be More Toxic Than DDT?

When heavy doses of pesticides and herbicides, especially glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, are sprayed on GM crops, it destroys the beneficial bacteria in the soil. It is also taken up into the plant and becomes part of the plant. When you ingest foods contaminated with glyphosate, the beneficial bacteria in your gut are likewise destroyed, compromising your health. Dr. Don Huber, an expert in the toxicity of GM foods, claims that the threat to health is greater than the outlawed pesticide, DDT.
Monsanto’s glyphosate also combines with many minerals making them unavailable to plants. Minerals and other nutrients are again lost because the soil life that prepares minerals for plant absorption are now dead. GM crops never get the minerals they need. They become weak and mineral deficient. That means you don't get them either, and your body becomes weak and deficient. Some minerals are reduced by 80 to 90%. It is common sense that something is destroying the health of humans worldwide. Just look around at the massive increases in degenerative diseases. I believe that GM crops are a threat to human life. Monsanto and the whole of modern agriculture created this disaster because they see humans and business as separate from life. We and nature are not separate. We cannot live if we destroy nature. Anti-life approaches to agriculture, or any other discipline, are not compatible with life. We are alive because of this complex web of life.
What can you do?
Avoid eating all genetically modified foods. Since they are not labeled, basically that means avoiding all processed foods that are not labeled organic. Actually, it’s best to avoid everything that comes in a can or a package. Practically all packaged foods use GMO corn and soybeans. Corn, soy, canola, and cottonseed oils are widely used. High fructose corn syrup is ubiquitous. Corn is fed to most animals. GMO fed animals produce milk and cheese with glyphosate. Research scientists claim that GM foods are responsible for the huge increases in degenerative diseases, soaring healthcare costs, and tens of thousands of deaths.
The solution is to buy organic, especially avoid these foods in non-organic form:
1) Corn and all corn products such as high fructose corn syrup.
2) Soy and all soy products.
3) Cottonseed and canola oil, both genetically engineered.
4) All animal products, including milk and cheese, from animals fed alfalfa or corn.
5) Papaya, 75% of Hawaiian papaya is genetically engineered.
6) Sugar Beets and sugar made from them. Natural raw cane sugar is much tastier.
7) All non-organic wheat and oat products. Even though these are not GMO, they are sprayed with glyphosate to kill the crop for early harvest. Buy only organic products. Avoid toxic agriculture.
There are so many other interesting grains and legumes to choose from. But you should know how to process even those foods to reduce the natural anti-nutrients they use to protect themselves from decomposing in the soil (Chapter 6 in my book, Extraordinary Healthcare)
When you avoid processed foods and GMO foods, your system recovers rapidly. It can also be quite fun to explore the tastes of other foods that have been used for centuries in cultures around the world. You have many delicious choices. Preparing meals from scratch is not as time consuming as driving to restaurants. Just plan ahead a little.

Healing with Bio Energy

This past weekend I worked on dozens of people at recent outdoor fairs to demonstrate the power of bio-energy healing. Everyone I worked on experienced structural realignment and immediate pain reduction. The experience chronicled below is from a distance session over Skype, from a couple of weeks ago.


A Recent Case Study:

A young woman emailed me, asking for help. In her words (slightly edited for clarity):


Before the Session:

"There is my lingering left knee pain, from hurting myself at the gym 2 years ago on a weight machine, and doctors have not been able to find out what's wrong with me. I have pain everyday and have almost stopped all physical activities, except going to school and working on my feet. This also causes some pressure and mild pain to my right knee probably from overcompensating, which I often do."

"I'm really excited and hope we can focus on my left knee and my back."


After the Distance Healing Session:

"I’m just sending you an email to let you know how I've been doing since our first healing session. My knee is actually, in fact, doing amazing. Sometimes, I still can't believe it. The pain is very, very minimal, and I can stand on my feet all day, I can flex my leg in and out, I can cross my legs, I can sit for longer periods of time. And only after excessive use or crossing my legs do I feel slight discomfort and minimal pain. But the difference is huge. Thank you for your help thus far, and I will see soon!"


I have experienced such healing thousands of times. Still it never ceases to amaze me how the body can heal so rapidly from bio-energy. (Chapter 9 in my book teaches bio-energy healing so you can help your friends and family, and of course, yourself.)

The Scientific Basis of Extraordinary Healthcare

Photo of GalaxyThere have been numerous books and articles written on the relationships between new scientific discoveries and consciousness. Books such as The Tao of Physics, by Fritjof Capra, The Biology of Belief, by Bruce Lipton, and others have revealed links between quantum physics and subtle levels of energy and consciousness. In my book, Extraordinary Healthcare, I avoided both scientific research into the healing modalities, as well as the relationship between healthcare and consciousness, in order to make the book readable. Including such minutia which would have made the book 10 times as long and unmanageable.

Yet, many people are interested in the scientific validity of the new paradigms for healthcare included in the book. Sometimes I come across interesting articles that summarize how our physical, bio-energetic, mental, and emotional aspects of ourselves contribute to our health. These four aspects of ourselves interact with our consciousness, which is the fifth and overarching aspect.

Below is a reference to an article that summarizes some of the underpinning scientific discoveries and their relationship to healthcare. The science is interesting, but what I wanted for my book is how to put it into practice. Chapters 9, 10, 11, and 12 are the practical applications of some of these new discoveries in quantum physics. Bio-energy Healthcare (chapter 9) directly applies these principles in a very practical and demonstrative way.

We're coming into a new era that is beginning to bridge the gap between physics, metaphysics, and spirituality. It is an exciting time.

Proof That the Human Body is a Projection of Consciousness


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